Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Monday Everyone!  Can't believe I am back at work already!  The weekends are much too short does everyone agree??  Well we had another gorgeous weekend in New York and it finally feels like Spring.  Yeah!!! Hope everyone got to enjoy the outdoors and hopefully got some sewing done in between - I know I did :).  Sew I worked on several things this weekend and actually finished two of the projects I set out to finish! Yes, mission accomplished!  My weekend task list was as follows: 1) Teach two 10 year old girls how to sew, my daughter and her friend Emma.  The girls are making a tote bag. (that was fun can't wait for our next lesson!) 2) Finish my first twister quilt top (I held my breath everytime I cut into those beautiful charms that looked sew darling all sewed up together but I did it and I love the way it turned out) 3) Finish a baby quilt top for a little someone special who is due very very soon, sometime this month to be exact! 4) Finish all the decorative stitching on my Rooster block which is slowly but surely almost complete, all I have to do now is the binding and 5) I found a UFO in my archives sew I decided to make this the last thing I worked on for the weekend.  This UFO was stored away and I had forgotten about it (can anyone relate????). It was a class I took at my LQS a few years ago but all the fabric was cut I just never sewed the pieces together.  I lost the pattern but I can figure it out.  I sewed all the rows (5 of them) together sew all I need to do next is sew the rows with the cornerstones and then the borders and I will have myself a beautiful quilt because I am keeping this one for myself :)  Below are pics of this weekend accomplishments, hope you all enjoy!

Emma & Sam sewing their tote bags!

Emma was fully concentrated as she tried to keep her 1/4 inch seam nice and straight.


Decided to give my Lil Twister Ruler a shot!

36 charms (5" squares) sewn and ready to get twisted!

Here goes nothing!  I placed my little twister ruler, took a deep breath, held it and went for the cut.

After holding my breath for the entire first two rows, I began to breath easy as I saw it take its form.
 Not too shabby. 

Viola! Twister quilt top is finished.  Although I like the way it turned out I now know using fabric that is too busy doesn't allow for the twist to show up as clearly as if the fabric was less busy.  This will be a wall hanging or table topper.  I also have the large twister ruler which I will be making a twin quilt from, sew now off to the fun part - picking fabric for that project!


When I found this onsie pattern I thought to myself it's perfect!
 I set out to find some colorful fabric and since I am making this quilt for a baby boy
 I thought the dinosaur fabric would be super cute!

This is a gift for a little special someone coming in May.

Close up of the Onsie Blocks.  Aren't they just adorable!

Another onsie quilt.  This one I was commisioned for.  Love the way it turned out.  I will be sandwiching, binding and quilting this one this weekend.


I finished all my decorative stitching now all I have left to do is the binding and hang it on my kitchen wall.


Ever started a project and put it away only to have forgotten about it?? Well this is what I discovered in a box when looking through my fabrics for another project.  It was cut fabric for a class I took years ago when I was a newbie at quilting. :)  I don't have the pattern but I remember what the quilt is supposed to look like sew I can figure it out from there. I sewed all 5 rows.  Now I need to sew on sashing with cornerstones and add the borders.  I will then have to take a trip to my local quilt shop to buy the perfect backing fabric.  This one will be all for me!

3 of the 5 rows to my UFO. 

Sew as you can see I was very busy this weekend.  Oh and did I mention the Mother's Day Mystery Gift is all set to be won!  Drawing this Sunday - May 12th so tell all your friends about it sew they too can have a chance to win.  My daughter Samantha will be picking one lucky name out of a bag sew stay tuned!

Happy Quilting!!

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