Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Monday fellow Bloggers!  I had to post this as I think we can all relate, I know I can!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Completed Mother-Daughter in law project # 2.  The first project was the Christmas panel challenge and this time I decided we would make this calendar holder.  Every month I will pick a different challenge or project for my mother in law and I to complete.  Thought it would be a fun way to start something new and actually finish what we start.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just thought I'd post a picture of my Koala Sewing Chair my dear husband got me for Christmas!  I love it!

Hello bloggers!  NY is having another blistery winter day with snow and temperatures in the teens.  After working a full day it took me 5 hours to get home!  That's 5 hours of my life that I could have been sewing or quilting.  Oh how I want my quilt shop.  Anyway enough whining. Here is what I worked on this weekend.  I am trying to play catch up on my Around the Strip quilt I started a few months ago.  I was working on my mountain blocks and after a few hours my mountains were complete!  I don't think I will be making any more mountains anytime soon.  I am pleased with the outcome but first here are the pieces once they were all cut and organized.
Mountain pieces cut and ready to be sewn.

2 hours later 2 mountains were born!

Here is what I have so far.  Still have one row to go.  Have to add posies to my four patch row.  Have to add black sashing in between tree blocks and four patch row, add sashing to sides and finally a piano border.  I am about 85% complete on the quilt top!  I will be happy when it's all quilted because this one is ALL mine.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello Bloggers and Happy New Year!  What an end of year I had.  I was so busy with all my Holiday Craft shows and then the Holidays that I had absolutely no time to Blog!  So my apologies to all who have been following me but I think I can say I am officially back.  What has everyone been up to?  Has anyone finished their first quilt for the New Year 2014?  I haven't finished any quilts but I have made two bags with matching tissue cozies for some friends of mine and I finished a Christmas Wall hanging which was a challenge I came up for myself and my mother in law.  I purchased a Christmas panel that I split in half with my mother in law and also gifted her 4 coordinating fat quarters that I had also purchased for myself.  The challenge was to use the panel and all the coordinating fat quarters in an original design.  We had the option of adding additional fabrics if we wanted. I added fabric to mine since I wanted my wall hanging to be a little bit bigger for a space I have in mind in my house. My wall hanging measured 40x40.  My mother in law, Adalice did not use any additional fabric but utilized all the fat quarter material in her wall hanging.  Her final measurement was 20x20.

My friend loves shoes so when I found this fabric I knew it would be perfect for her.           

My friend Angela is in love with her new bag,               

The inside of Angela's bag.  Love it!  So funky!                              

This is the panel and 4 fat quarters (pic on the bottom left) my mother in law, Adalice and myself used in our very own Christmas Panel Wall hanging.

Here is Adalice's finished wall hanging.  I absolutely love it!

Adalice used decorative stitching and did a little meandering and shadowing.  Great added touches!

Close up of my mother in laws prairie points and decorative stitching and meandering.  Decorative stitching sure adds a nice added touch, doesn't it?
Here is my finished wall hanging measuring 40x40. Sure wish my pictures would be clearer.
Close up of two of my blocks.  I used Eleanor Burns Flying Geese Ruler to make my geese.
Close up of my prairie points.  I made 5 inch prairie points which seem to be the perfect size for this wall hanging.