Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hello Bloggers!  I had 2 classes this weekend.  One quilt class and one embroidery class but I didn't get to do my embroidery project in my class this past Saturday because I couldn't figure out how to update my Pfaff CV machine and refused to pay to have it updated. What a disappointment!  I am happy to report that my wonderful husband was able to update my machine last night and now my machine is fully updated and I can use my new Pfaff metal hoop. Best part is it didn't cost me anything! I gave it a test run and it works great. Yay!!


Friday, April 25, 2014

What a beautiful Friday we are having in NYC today.  Although there is a slight chilly breeze outside it is so nice to see the sun shining and people enjoying the city.  I made this.... what  I like to call, very NY looking bag I hope you guys like.  It is  my first B-Original bag in my "Sew Sassy Chic" collection.   It has an inside pocket that will hold a cell phone and an outside pocket also.  I made the handles short so you can't wear this one over the shoulders but I like my handbags so I decided to go short with the handles.  Love the bright fabric and the green lining just makes it all POP.  I also put bag feet underneath so when you place your bag down you don't have to worry about getting it all dirty.

Monday, April 21, 2014

I received the cutest needle case from my QB partners.  I love roosters sew she embroidered a rooster for me on mine.  I love it!

Photo: I received my needle case from my QB swap partner and I love it!  She embroidered a rooster for me because I love roosters! Sew happy with my swap!
This black and white scissor fabric is sew stnkin' cute!
Sew here is it Monday again after a three day weekend which of course was not long enough.  I hope  everyone had a lovely Easter.  I worked on my Quilting Board Swap Partners needle case and it I think it came out sew cute.  Does anyone else do swaps?  Aren't they just sew much fun!  I think so.  This months theme was pastel colors or Easter themed, sew this is what I came up with.  I used some ric rac and personalized it with my partners name and I used this scrumptious pastel colored candy fabric! 

The ric rac was sew pretty I decided to add it to the spine of the needle case.

Photo: Ric rac just makes everything look prettier. I decided to add it to the binding of the needlecase.

Here is the inside of the needle case.  I used Purple Fleece and pink  Felt.
I added a decorative butterfly pin and added the Easter egg for an added

Photo: Here is the inside of the needle case. I used purple fleece and pink felt, added some decorative touches and a cute butterfly pin.

Photo: This is the inner part of the needle case. Again I made it pretty by adding some decorative touches 

My swap partner likes bookmarks sew I decided to make her a
matching bookmark which I also personalized, added a crochet
flower, button and of course more of that pretty ric rac.  I
serged the edges with a rolled edge using poly yarn thread.
Not too bad I think!
Photo: Susan likes bookmarks sew I made her a matching bookmark. I added ric rac, a crochet flower, a button and personalized the bookmark as I did the needlecase with my swap partners name.  I used my Pfaff CV to sew, my Babylock Imagine to do a rolled edge with poly yarn thread around the bookmark and my Singer 9970 to personalize it. Sew you see its ok to have more than 1 or 2 or 3 sewing machines. Lol

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I am sew excited to finally have received my birthday gift in the mail yesterday I was literally jumping for joy! I got the Oliso Pro Smart Iron and I don't just love it, I absolutely, most definitely LOVE -LOVE- LOVE it!  She is perfect and is everything I imagined she would be.  Call me crazy but I am sure many of you can relate to my happiness.  When you have the right tools, it just makes things that much better, simpler and perfect!  I always compare it to being a chef.  Chef's use top of the line cutlery sets, blenders, mixers, etc. -  you get my drift,  because they are truly CHEF'S and this is their craft.  Well I am a QUILTER and this is my craft sew I love having all the great gadgets (a.k.a Quilter Gadget Queen)...lol  So, on a scale from 1-10,  I rate the Oliso Smart Iron a 10 to the hundreth power and every quilter in the Galaxy should have one.  Can you tell I'm still excited! Isn't she beautiful?

Hello Bloggers!  I finished my mother/daughter in law April 2014 challenge project this weekend with a few personal tweaks of my own and it came out pretty cute.  I made my double pinwheels a size 5" vs. 4.5" which made the finished product a little bigger.  I added buttons to all my double pinwheels and appliqued 2 big stars instead of 1 big and 1 small star, I put smiles instead of frowns on the cats (therefore, I am naming this piece "Happy Cats" and of course I added my signature name on the top left front. I also didn't not follow the pattern instructions of cutting triangles and sewing them back together.  Remember I have a phobia of triangles and found an easier method which worked great for me.  I also used the "Tucker Trimmer" ruler, one of my favorite rulers to help me get the perfect double pinwheels.  If you don't have this ruler you MUST get it!

Below is the back of my cute little "Happy Cats" wall hanging.  
I had this adorable print in my stash and it was purr..fect! All the
fabric used on the front and the binding were scraps from my stash!
Woo hoo, way to use those scraps!

Here is a closeup of my little cat label. I have the accu-quilt machine and the cat die
sew this was purrr...fect!

Here is a closeup of my signature on the front of my art work.  I did this
on my Singer 9970 machine and it is super easy and comes out perfect every time.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Monday Bloggers!  Sew in case you don't know by now.  Every month I have been choosing a monthly project for my mother and law and myself to work on and finish before month end.  So far its been a lot of fun and the results are just sew different even though its the same exact pattern.  This month I decided to go with another wall hanging sew I chose a pattern by Whimsicals called Christmas Cats.  Of course we are not making it for Christmas as I will have a Christmas project picked out for December. Sew we are going to alter the pattern and of course use fabrics of our choice.  I love cats and just thought this pattern was darling.  It will be an everyday wall hanging so I started working on mine this weekend.  I didn't have a lot of sewing time this weekend but I did manage to finish all the double pinwheel blocks the pattern called for.  I laid them out on my sewing table to see how I want them sewn together and I am pretty happy with the results.  Here is  the pattern and below that are my double pinwheel blocks.  I made them to finish at 5" instead of the 4 1/2" finish the pattern called for.  I want it to be a little bigger. So here it is. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I love giving and making things for charities its just my way of paying it forward.  I finished my charity project for "Sadies Dream for a Cure". Now all I have to do is mail it back and they will fill the bag with all types of goodies and give it to a child who has been hospitalized. So glad I can help. If you are interested on making a difference go to www.sadiesdreamforacure.com and request a kit be sent to you. Here is a pic of the one I made.  Do you have a favorite charity?  Remember "kindness is contagious" and so self gratifying! 

Hello Bloggers!  So I thought I would share the quilt top I made with my random blocks I started the other day.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  I will be selling this one on my website once I baste, bind and quilt it.  It can serve as a baby quilt or it would look stunning as a wall hanging!