Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello and Happy Monday and back to work again!  Sew before I left work on Friday I made a TO DO LIST for my quilting projects that I wanted to finish.  Low and behold I only got to 2 of the 5 things on that list.  I finally finished my rooster block which I have proudly hanging on my kitchen wall.  I love the way it came out and I hope you do to!  I also made corner pockets on the back for hanging which is a technique I found on the internet.  I have to say I really love it better than the usual sleeve.  I think it hangs alot nicer and flat to the wall.  It's great because you just sew them right in while sewing your binding on.  I will have to post a small tutorial on this method because if you haven't tried it I am sure you will love it when you do.

Here is a closer look at the block!

I love the back of my rooster block. Chicken eggs galore!

Here is a close up of the corner pocket I incorporated into
the binding for hanging, and of course there is
 another in the right corner.  Now all I did was
insert a rod and hang it right on the wall and it lays nice and flat.
Sew glad I found this technique!

Yeah! Borders are on and now to
sandwich, quilt and label.  Can't wait to send
this to a special little boy in the family.

Found this adorable fabric I will use for the
back of the tumbler quilt.  I love it!
I think I will work on this tonight!
Can't wait to see it finished!!

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