Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finally I am able to post pics of my show at the beautiful Wappingers Historical Society on November 9th! Had a successful show and met a lot of great people. I also taste pumpkin bread for the very first time and it was absolutely delicious! So hope you enjoy the pictures as I have been sewing my little heart out making more things for my upcoming shows on 11/24, 11/30, 12/1 & 12/7.

Quilted Scarf - $30

There were a lot of talented crafter's at this show.  Below are a few paper items that were for sale.  I must say it looks like it would take a whole lot of patience to create these beauties!  

I just loved this wreath! It was gorgeous!

I purchased 2 things for myself.  A loaf of delicious pumpkin bread and a beautiful piece of fabric art by Rennee Pasquale - Textile Artist!  She is so talented! She used fabric, threads, and plastic flowers to add a three dimensional look.  The picture sure doesn't do it justice.


Sew Pretty!

Here is my new art piece in the mist of all my other little collectibles.  I just love cutsie and unique things!

The miniature piece on the left of the art work is also done by Textile Artist - Renee Pasquale.  My mother in law purchased it for me last year and this year I was able to meet the artist herself as well as pick up yet another pretty piece by her.

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