Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Hump Day All! Just thought I'd post a little something about my first craft show this past Saturday. As always it was a lot of work but fun meeting people and sharing all the goodies I have made to sell.  I love when people admire my work.  It makes me feel happy inside because I truly love what I do and take great pride in it.  I had a very small booth to work with, 8x4 so it was a little challenging displaying my things.  I certainly was not able to put everything out so I did my best.  My husband who is my right hand (sometimes my left hand also) was unable to help me set up so I was on my own.  I almost went into panic mode but I took two deep breaths and tackled my booth and finished setting up in time before the patrons came in for shopping.  Hope you like it!

These are nesting fabric baskets I made.  They were super easy and super fast to make.  I think I may do a tutorial on this one.  You can fill it with anything you want and make them in any size you want.  You can fill them with candy, nuts, potpourri, sewing supplies, buttons and more!

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