Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Hope everyone had a productive weekend quilting!  I myself did not work on what I had intended to work on but I did finish a whole quilt top for a friends 11 year old daughter who was diagnosed with Leukemia in February 2013.  After she told me that she had contacted 2 quilt charities requesting a quilt for her daughter and was denied I was dumbfounded.  So I asked her what did her daughter like and she told me butterflies and the color purple.  Well,  I immediately went home and searched through my stash  and I happen to have butterfly fabric and purple fabric.  So along with some other pastel colors I simply cut 8.5 inch squares and sewed 5 rows of 4 inch blocks and added a 4 inch border using the butterfly fabric.  I will finish sandwiching and quilting it this weekend (hopefully) using the same butterfly fabric for the back.  I can't wait to give it to her.   I hope she will like it.  It measures 39 x 55.5.  I figure she can take it with her to the hospital on the days she has chemo treatment.  I just can't believe she was denied a quilt!  Anyway I took a pic of the quilt top but it came out way too dark so as soon as I take a better pic I will share with everyone.  But below is a sneak peak of the fabric I used.

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