Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This weekend was a wash and I could not get real sewing time in due to the fact that I was working on my septic with my husband for three days.  We tackled the job ourselves and boy what a job it was!  All in all I did finish attaching the binding to my beautiful angel quilt as well as finished the labels on the 2 children's quilts I have been working on for my great nephews. I can finally send them off to them.  It is a surprise so I can't wait for them to receive them.  I will post pictures hopefully this week of my completions!  In the meantime I purchased a antique Singer sewing machine dating back to 1895 on ebay for a whopping $38 and it works! I was sew excited when I received it yesterday I immediately wanted to share with my fellow bloggers!  All that is missing is the back plate cover which is easily available for purchase on ebay.

Antique 1895 Singer Model 27 VS Treadle Sewing Machine Head 118 Years Old!


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