Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hello Everyone!  I feel like I have been off air for way too long but things were just crazy end of month. Between working full time, taking care of everyday house chores, weekend home projects and trying to get in our last vacation for the summer and then school shopping for both my kids I can finally take a deep breath and just breathe.  I can't believe summer is over already!!  Felt like I worked all summer long even though we did go camping 3 times but we had so many house projects going on we were just plain busy. Sure many if not all of you can relate to that!  I did get some sewing in as I made it my goal to! Sew I would like to share some of the things I did get around to sewing, not in any particular order though :)  

In my last blog post I told everyone about my intentions on entering my very first quilt contest.  Well as it went I finished the quilt I designed about a day before we were to leave for our Pennsylvania Camping trip and sew I took the quilt with us so we could take pictures of it and send it off to get judged.  I made the deadline on the last day sew I was happy I finally mailed the pictures which I almost didn't do.  My husband would not allow me not to enter the contest after I had worked sew hard on it sew with his support I  mailed my entry on August 21st.  As I always say pictures do not look half as good as the actual quilt sew I hope you all like my quilt from what you can make out from the picture.  I promise you the quilt turned out quite nice. I think it would be much better if you all could see it in person.  So the contest was in celebration of NYC's 100th Anniversary of Grand Central Station and it could not be any bigger than 36x36, so as I came up with my quilt design the first thing that came to mind was the American Flag since this is a big part of New York history and there is a gorgeous huge flag that hangs proudly in Grand Central Station.  From there I came up with the idea of making cameras capturing certain things in Grand Central Station.  Therefore, I designed it to look as though the cameras are focusing on certain things in the Terminal and the you can see the actual picture taken by the camera which has been mounted and matted right next to the camera.  I then included the cityscape you will find right outside of Grand Central Station along with other pictures of what our great city has to offer, such as shopping,  great food and of course our millions of yellow cabs. :)  I used the Grand Central Station fabric designed by The City Quilter as it was a requirement to use at least 25% of it in the quilt which I think I covered.  Last but not least I appliqued "100 Years" in Gold letters to indicate the Grand celebration.  I had sew much fun designing this on paper and then making it into an actual quilt that I have pure personal satisfaction even if I don't win a prize.  It just goes to show if you put your mind to anything you too can do it!  I look forward to entering more contest in the future! Hope you all like it!

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